Dr. Deborah Khan

Dental Partner

BDS (Singapore)

I am a fan of sustainable architecture where efficient use of materials and energy blend with nature and engineering, to make a functional, beautiful, living space. This mirrors my daily activities of recycling, composting (I have always been fascinated by worms and bugs) and growing food for dinner.


Pursuing perfection is my bugbear, because I am also a pragmatist. I remember a primary school art lesson which called for a paper mache durian. There hundreds of spikes that had to be painstakingly rolled. In the end, forgoing TV and sleep, the durian was completed. It was a proud moment because it looked so realistic, but I also felt so silly for wasting precious time because no one else gave it a second look.


Being called up to visit the school dental nurse was always a treat for me in primary school. It felt safe. As if she held my hand to guide me through the uncertainties. Hence when we became colleagues, I thanked her for igniting that spark all those years ago. It was through that special nurse that I learnt the value of gentleness, patience and trustworthiness.


Minimalist. Pragmatist. Perfectionist. Holding hands. Now, you know me.

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